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Affiliated Guides

Lindsey Armor

Lindsey Armor is the founder of Nourish Cincinnati where she is a Health Coach, Yoga and Meditation Instructor.  Lindsey came to health and wellness after working in the arts in Cincinnati and teaching dance for over a decade.  She believes everyone can and should have a healthy, vibrant life and her mission is to help people reconnect to their own inner wisdom and learn how to heal themselves and the planet.   Lindsey seeks to create a truly welcoming and accessible atmosphere to everyone when teaching and enjoys practicing radical self-care every day.

Stacy Sims

Stacy Sims is a mind-body educator and author. She is the founder of City Silence, an international network of community mindfulness gatherings; Mindful Music Moments, an innovative school program combining mindfulness and music; and the True Body Project, an award-winning trauma-informed wellness program to help girls and women, men and boys connect to their best selves and each other.


Sims is a also a novelist, playwright and author of illustrated children’s books on mindfulness with Blue Manatee Press. 

She is an inspiring speaker and leads workshops on trauma and the body, mindfulness and stress reduction. Sims shares what she has learned from her own experience with addiction and anxiety to a life dedicated to deeply connecting with others. 

Troy Bronsink

Troy is a facilitator, spiritual director, author, musician and all around advocate for spiritual and creative thriving. He is the founder and director of The Hive, a Center for Contemplation, Art and Action and lives in the Northside community of Cincinnati with his wife, 13 year-old daughter, and 5 year-old son. He enjoys speaking for groups (small and large) with artists, creatives, activists, and faith groups, and sharing music in all sorts of settings. He consults with organizations on all the above. Troy is an ideator and loves seeing teams collaborate, seeing artists create, and dabbling in community process modalities.

Author of Drawn In: A Creative Process for Artists, Activists, and Jesus Followers.

Musician: Live at Eddie's Attic, Songs to Pray By

Max Raphael

Max’s work centers around healing practices from afar that help guide us home. These include: a sacred tea ceremony from Taiwan, a unique style of massage from India, and intuitive sound healing from Nepal. An audio engineer and educator in his former life, Max has been sharing his current work in Southeast Asia and, when at home, in Cincinnati and elsewhere in the United States.

In India, Max became certified in a unique style of massage called Ayurvedic Yoga Massage; in Nepal, he discovered the practice of Tibetan singing bowl sound healing—and found his own set of bowls, which he can’t travel without. 


Max has also lived in Taiwan as a resident student at a tea and Zen center, practicing the Way of Tea. He shares a sacred tea ceremony he learned there, offering participants a way to harmonize with themselves, others, and nature.


An audio engineer and educator in his former life, Max has been sharing his current work in Southeast Asia and, when at home, in Cincinnati and elsewhere in the United States.

Renee Groenemann

Renee Groenemann, MA, LPC, NCC, cIAYT is a mental health counselor, yoga therapist and life coach.  She expertly interweaves embodied mindfulness, yoga and yoga therapeutics, neuroscience, positive psychology, EMDR and hypnotherapy (CHt) to help world changers and caregivers work through trauma, expand resiliency, release limiting beliefs, and lead more vibrant lives.  


Renee teaches individuals and groups how to hackthe bodymind, making complex concepts in trauma, anxiety, and wellbeing accessible to people from all walks of life through body-based mindfulness practices and story.  She is a faculty member of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and provides continuing education, workshops and retreats for healing professionals, non-profit organizations, and corporations.  Special populations that she works with include the childbirth- and sexually-traumatized, athletes, people- and thought-leaders and those dealing with chronic pain.  She also uses the great outdoors as a laboratory for teaching gifted and anxious children the tools of mindfulness.  A formerly stressed out Fortune 50 engineer, Renee found personal healing through body awareness.  She co-founded a yoga and wellness center in Cincinnati and later sold that group to focus on her private practice, Spirit(ed) Growth.

Opinions expressed on linked webpages do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Broadwell Center.

Broadwell Center is looking for professionals who are interested in providing evidence-based stress relieving activities for our participating groups. 

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