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Frequently Asked Questions

q:     What will the terrain be like for walking?

a:     Walks will be on grass and dirt trails. The grade will be mostly flat or have a slight incline.

q:     What if I have allergies?

a:     Prior to your walk, please let Broadwell Center know what accommodations would meet your



q:     What accommodations are available?

a:     Broadwell Center encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its walks. If you anticipate

        needing any type of accommodations or have questions about the physical access provided, please

        contact us in advance of your participation or visit.


q:     What should I wear?

a:     Please dress comfortably for outdoor activities. Shoes and socks are recommended. Covered facilities are

        used only in inclement weather. The ground may be damp. You may want to bring layers of clothing.


q:     Should I bring sun and insect protection?

a:     If possible, please bring sunscreen and bug spray. 


q:     Where will I park?

a:     A grass parking area will be available and there will be a volunteer guide to assist with parking. Getting

        to the welcome center from the parking area will require a short walk on grass.


q:     Are restrooms available?

a:     The welcome cabin has a restroom.


q:     Are refreshments available?

a:     Please bring your own water or other refreshments.


If you have any questions please email us at 

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